Scabies Itch Relief

You can gain relief from Scabies-related itching by taking oral medications, applying creams, taking care of diet, sipping adequate water, indulging in Epsom salt baths, consuming antihistamines, and cold water bathing.

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The Sarcoptes Scabiei mites are responsible for the onset of scabies. Female mites survive beneath the skin and give birth to eggs due to which bumps are seen appearing on the skin surface. Scabies patients experience itching symptoms due to the settling of the mites underneath the skin, this occurs mostly during nighttime. The treatment methods are directed towards eliminating these contagious elements.

Refer to the following details for learning how to treat the Scabies itch.

  • Oral Medicines

It is advised to go for a diagnosis to a doctor for treating Scabies. They will conduct few tests to ascertain your condition following which they will prescribe Scabicide medicines. Some common medications for Scabies itch-relief are Lindane and Permethrin. Follow the instructions on the label or as per the physician’s advice.

  • Creams

The application of corticosteroid ointments around the itchy areas is also effective for alleviating the itching symptoms of Scabies. After applying the cream, you should place washcloths dipped in water over the concerned portions for facilitating the absorption of the balms by the skin. You can purchase these creams over-the-counter at the pharmacies. Take the advice of doctors beforehand.

  • Dietary Recommendations

Cutting back on foods that are rich in histamines can also help to treat Scabies. This is because large quantities are already present in your body and the intake of histamine-containing foods can aggravate your condition and increase the itching. So it is best to avoid these groups. You must avoid eggs, fermented items, vinegar, bacon, red wine, old cheese, seafood, and citrus fruits.

It is also wise to restrict the consumption of food items that give birth to skin irritation and allergies such as wheat-based foods, nuts, soy and milk-based products.

  • Water

By keeping yourself hydrated, your itching reduces because the skin does not remain dehydrated. If you do not keep the body replenished with water, you could be prone to more itching because of dryness. Drink as much as water as you can every day. It is also helpful to consume fruits that are high in water content such as watermelon.

  • Epsom Salt Baths

Bathing in an Epsom salt mixture is another remedy for itching caused by Scabies. These bath salts are rich in magnesium and the mineral is absorbed by the body when you bathe in these salt mixtures. Magnesium can minimize inflammation and balance the bodily fluid levels.

Bathing in lukewarm water containing these salts can be pursued because it helps the skin to absorb the nutrients. But, hot water can dry the skin. For this reason, you must rinse the body with tepid water after your bath.

You can also add a few drops of essentials oils such as tea tree oil and neem oil in your bath water. These oils have medicinal properties and promote healing of the distressed skin.

  • Antihistamines

The intake of antihistamines is also recommended. These medications are helpful because they prevent the body from reacting to histamines. Scabies-linked itch is the result of the body’s allergic reactions to the mites and consuming these medicines can help in reducing the itching.

Some popular histamines that can be taken are Benadryl and Chlorophen. Benadryl is also available as an ointment and can be rubbed on the body.

  • Cold Water Baths

You can also relieve yourself from the itching caused due to Scabies by having cold water baths. Bathing with hot water is not suggested because it has a drying effect on the skin. Also, it tends to irritate the skin. Bathing in cold water can help the skin to maintain its oil balance and speed-up the healing process. It may help to reduce the temperature of the water gradually if you cannot tolerate tepid water at the start.


As we conclude, we would advise you to discuss your condition with a doctor if you are not relieved of itching caused due to scabies even after following the above-listed methods. It is possible that you have a weak immune system and may need to take medications for neutralizing the mites. Try Improvised Home Remedies for Quick Scabies Cure.